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Organic Waste Management 

Dicklands Farms' biogas plant accepts manure from local dairy and poultry farms in the Chilliwack area. We also provide local businesses, such as food processors, an environmentally friendly way to manage their organic waste.

Instead of sending it to the landfill, food waste is used as feedstock for our digesters. The digester can take a wide variety of food waste, from fats, oils and greases, to spoiled foods, fruits and vegetables, etc.

We accept both liquid and solid food waste from all types of delivery trucks.

We digest

80,000 tonnes of organic waste per year

Types of Organic Waste

Our biogas plant is designed to handle a wide variety of food waste with a convenient receiving system. We work with various partners in the local community to manage their food waste in a a safe and sustainable manner. The type of organic waste we accept at the biogas plant can be broken down into  three main types:

Dairy Manure

Chicken on litter.jpeg

Chicken Manure

Food Waste.jpeg

Food Waste 

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