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Organic Fertilizer Pellets 

A sustainable organic fertilizer option 

We use our nutrient-rich digestate to make a local, sustainable organic fertilizer pellet that lessens your reliance on chemical fertilizers. By choosing to use our organic pellets, you’re recycling valuable nutrients and diverting them from landfill. Plus, our organic fertilizer pellets are > 85% dry product, meaning fewer trips for transportation and less pressure on your soil. 


Nutrient Rich

Our organic pellets contain 4% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 4% potassium, plus other important

micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc.

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Organic Matter 

Our organic pellets are sustainably made from 100% organic material that lessens reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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Healthy Soils 

Our organic pellets  support restoration of native soils to their full productive potential by improving moisture retention, decreased wind and water erosion, and feeding micro-organisms 


Our organic pellets are tested monthly in an accredited lab. It is our priority to ensure all regulations and standards are met with our product before we distribute.   

Click on the icon to view our Safety Data Sheet when available


Purchase Organic Pellets Today

Find out how you can buy our organic pellets for your home and/or farm.

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