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About Us

Dicklands Farms is a family-run dairy farm located in Fraser Valley, B.C.  In 1946, we started out by milking just 50 cows on less than 75 acres of land in Chilliwack. 

Today, by working hard and developing deep roots in our local community, we have been able to grow our operation into a successful 300+ cow dairy farm. 

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Our Farm Today

Dicklands Farms has since grown to milk over 300 Holstein cows, plus replacement cattle and young stock, and has expanded to include the neighbouring farm; a total of 400 acres.


We continue to be an active member of the local agricultural and dairy community.

Embracing Technology

Our philosophy is farming with a passion for progress. 

Dicklands Farms has evolved into a innovative farm that uses cutting-edge technology to improve cow comfort and milk production. Examples of this include robotic milkers and feed pusher robots to reduce cow stress and ensure food access, LED lights to reduce energy use and positively impact cow health, and herd genetics to improve longevity and reproductive traits. Today, out of the thousands of dairy herds across Canada, Dicklands Farms is ranked 60th for production performance. 

Looking to the Future

Dicklands Farms is always looking to be better stewards of the land for our future. We also looks for revenue and other diversification opportunities that will make our agriculture industry even stronger.


More resilient farming communities are better equipped to deal with increasing land values, labour and input costs, and to support a viable local food system that can sustainbly produce good quality, local food. One way to achieve both of these is to build a biogas plant.  

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