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The Future of Farming 

World-leading anaerobic digestion, food waste management and organic fertilizer pellet production

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Waste into
a Resource

Our biogas plant protects air, water, and soil by converting manure and food waste into renewable natural gas and organic fertilizer pellets, all while reducing GHG emissions.

Our Biogas Plant

Dicklands Biogas is located at 42238 Sinclair Road, Chilliwack, B.C. Our state-of-the-art biogas plant co-digests dairy manure, chicken manure and food waste to produce renewable natural gas, organic fertilizer pellets, and clean water.

Our biogas plant provides benefits to the local community including reduced odour, clean water, health soils and sustainable waste management opportunities. 

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Zero net greenhouse gas


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Safe and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer pellets 

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Reduced amount of organic material sent to landfill

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Generates clean water and protects the aquifer

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Products and Services

We aim to have a positive effect on our local community while providing global benefits.

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Manure & Food Waste

We work with local businesses to manage their food waste in an environmentally friendly manner.   

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Carbon Neutral 
Renewable Natural Gas

Our plant captures the biogas and upgrades it to carbon neutral renewable natural gas. 

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Fertilizer Pellets

Our nutrient-rich organic fertilizer pellets are the perfect amendment to give your soil a healthy boost.  

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